A little adventure …

I had a sweet little adventure to start this week off!

My favorite season is fall and I have been anxious for weather to wear scarves and sweaters, for crisp cool air, for leaves changing colors, and golden sunlight. Fall is here technically but ,Virginia weather is funny and some days seem like a hot july day and others are indeed gloriously fall!

This monday me and a few friends seized the day and went on a lovely adventure to an apple orchard. I have not been to an apple orchard since I was a younger and all the child-like excitement filled me again as we drove to our destination.

This apple orchard was unique, well at least in my opinion, it was on a beautiful hillside overlooking the shanenodaoh mountains! RIDICULOUS!! I have never heard of or been to an orchard like this! I was giddy like a little girl. We pulled up, and the benefit of going on a monday was that there was barely anyone there! Front row parking…WIN!


We grabbed bags and made our way down the paths in the orchard!


There is just something magical about an orchard don’t ya think? It was so fun going down rows of apple trees in the morning air. Many of trees had been picked almost clean so we had to travel a ways to get to some trees that still had apples on them, but, we found some!

2014-10-01_0002 2014-10-01_0003 2014-10-01_0004 2014-10-01_0005

I shall now scour pinterest for some apple recipes to try! Any suggestions?

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