Thankful Thursday — “The List”


Thursdays I will be featuring simply a glimpse into my ongoing list of thanks!

  • For children who invite you to play
  • For silly faces
  • For Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • For quiet mornings and sunsets
  • For mountainside orchards
  • For Friends gifting time
  • For pumpkin bread baking
  • For Sisters and inside jokes
  • For Hope in light of circumstances because He who is Hope lives in us
  • For JOY & PEACE
  • For new music to sing to
  • For dancing
  • For sweaters
  • For Fall
  • For swings, you are never to old to swing
  • For parks
  • For flowers
  • For pen to paper and heart spilled on pages
  • For my bible and how the lord speaks through words in His book
  • For stories passed on and new ones beginning
  • For warm coffee in cold hands
  • For Breakfast food – It is the best!
  • For laughter that heals
  • For eyes to see and feet to walk with
  • For hugs from little ones
  • For walks downtown, tea in hand
  • For film camera
  • For the gathering of believers
  • For Pursuit 31 ( )

And just because posts look prettier with a picture , here is picture from my favorite park to shoot at, Alum Springs.



  Now your turn…come on…give me 3 things you are thankful for today..ready go!

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