Thankful Thursday — “The List”


(Picture taken at Eileens Bakery! A blessed morning with friends…pastries,chai, great weather and pleasant company)

  • For Music! To praise the lord with
  • For mini road trips with friends
  • For fall sunsets
  • For changing of seasons
  • For words that lift you up and not tear you down
  • For GRACE
  • For good movies that birth laughter
  • For making plans and those plans completely changing for the better!
  • For musical instruments and learning to make music with my hands
  • For children dancing
  • For God’s perfect timing and perfect provision – HE IS ENOUGH
  • For fresh cut flowers sitting in a vase on the breakfast table
  • For reminiscing
  • For old songs
  • For Chai tea
  • For Peace that surpasses all understanding
  • For celebrating
  • For moms expecting!
  • For productive days
  • For “good morning” text messages from loved ones
  • For gentle rain and morning fog
  • For learning and growing from mistakes
  • For dreams and an ear to listen to you wonder
  • For arms to hug and an ear to hear
  • For the faithfulness of the Lord who never stops pouring out His Love and Grace on His children.


  Now your turn…come on…give me 3 things you are thankful for today..ready go!

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