Thankful Thursday


There is so much I am thankful for this year! It has been a year full of hard and magnificent changes. There have been times of sadness and many many opportunities and times of rejoicing! This year, Thanksgiving is different for my family. Instead of being home in Virginia with my parents and sisters I am celebrating in New York with my mom and dad. It has been quite the adventure getting up here (Blog post on that coming next week) and I miss my sisters tremendously but, I am happy to be with my parents .

And now a simple list for today as we gather around tables to feast with family and friends.

Giving Thanks for…

  • You, my clients, and blog readers for supporting me on my photography journey and allowing me to capture part of your lives this year! I could not continue doing photography without your support!
  • For my sisters : we have been through so much together and I would not trade these two for any other siblings in the world, I am blessed to call you sisters!…to call you Fristers! (Photo Credit to Sarah Bradshaw Photography) (I am on the far left, the twin in the middle, our lil sis on the right)



  • For one good thing about technology, we can facetime,skype, or simply call to still hear from one another on this Thanksgiving day!
  • For another year of sweet memories
  • For the Lord who goes before me and behind always making life quite the adventure with Him
  • For God’s everlasting love that He gives freely
  • For the support of my friends and family
  • For Snow — we have plenty here in NY and it reminds me so much of childhood winters in Vermont
  • For the Hope and excitement of a new year right around the corner!
  • For rejoicing with friends, new jobs, babies, marriage, ministries, dreams, and knowing and trusting the Lord more and more
  • For my church family and their boldness to tell me the TRUTH even when I don’t want to hear it but, when I NEED to hear it.
  • For warm cups of coffee and long talks with friends
  • For early mornings and reading the word
  • For laughter
  • For Thanksgiving and the reminder to give thanks ALWAYS, not just today!

The list goes on, but, my family awaits =) Praying you have a blessed day surrounded by your friends, and family.



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