This one time…I shot a wedding in Miami { My Photography Journey}

So, this one time , I got hired to shoot a wedding in Miami, FL. This excited me and scared the crap out of me! It was three years ago, this month, and it was my first time shooting a wedding as the primary photographer! Up until that point I had been an apprentice to an amazing photographer and I had been hired for second shooter for at least 8 weddings. Nonetheless ,I was still a little scared. I was going to be shooting someone’s wedding day and I would be their photographer, not just the second shooter helping! *sigh* That’s when I called, Krissy. I knew she was always up for an adventure and I thought having a second shooter by my side, especially Krissy, would make things better. Well, she was thrilled to join me! So we packed up our bags and we DROVE to Miami, Florida for what would be a most fabulous adventure and a beautiful wedding! Was I nervous? — YES! But, I had a sweet blessing just before getting ready to leave for the wedding. I was sitting in our hotel room spending some time reading my bible when I read this verse :

Psalm 90:17 Amplified Bible (AMP)

17 And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands—yes, the work of our hands, confirm and establish it.

And I was reminded that the work that I was about to do was for the couple, yes, but more so for the LORD. I have stepped out into photography because of what the Lord has put in me, a desire to create. To rejoice in the life He has given and to the best of my ability capture lives, beautiful moments , in my camera to celebrate! That as I walked in the joy that the Lord has given me I would be ok. This became my prayer for the day… ” Yes , lord, CONFIRM and ESTABLISH the work of our HANDS. The hands that you have given us and enable us to use, let them be used to bless this couple with a gift to celebrate their day. Lord, establish the work of our hands.” It was such an encouragement throughout out the day. Were there moments of frustration? Yes, but they were just moments, they did not stop us! We kept smiling , kept moving and shot the wedding. Me & Krissy on our way to the wedding! 427380_10100825917282622_734628461_n Ashley & Jeremiah are wonderful people and their family and friends are just as warm and welcoming as they are! Their ceremony was beautiful and I took my first shot of a Bride waiting with her father. 540521_10100993422545732_694159306_n529170_10100993266134182_1410589801_n Here is one of my favorites of the lovely couple 525493_10151524431016632_573942093_n And just for a good laugh, here is a cell phone pic my friend took of me moments after the wedding! Yes, overwhelmed…. with tears! But, they were happy tears! I could not believe I had shot my first wedding as primary photographer! ahh This was three years ago and I am so blessed by the support I have had from people like Ashley & Jeremiah and the other clients I have had in the past few years! Thank you for your patience with me and for trusting me with your memories! I continue to learn more about photography and business. I believe I have come a long way with my skills as a photographer since this wedding and every step in this journey is more exciting the last. I look forward to celebrating life in 2015 with the clients I have now and the ones I will meet! So glad that,” this one time, I shot a wedding in Miami” and it spurred me on to keep pursuing photography !   Have a loverly evening!

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