New brides, New locations, and Announcements!

You just never really know what each week, let alone each day will bring! The past few weeks have been a bit slow but last week there was quite a bit going on here with For The Joy Photography!

As of last week I officially have 3 more 2015 Couples getting married !!! I am sooo excited everyone, the couples are great , the locations are new to me and beautiful ( I checked out Facebook pages and websites)!

You can check them out here:

So other than the new couples getting married this year I was able to shoot an adorable 1 year old and some fabulous historically inspired jewelry from Dames A La Mode.

It was a bit cold here on the east coast but that did not stop us

Here is the Creator, Taylor Shelby!  She is simply beautiful!


And here is a closer look at some of the pieces



If you have been following on Facebook you already know there is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming up for For The Joy Photography!! Keep up here and on Facebook to find out what it is!

I am looking ahead at all the new clients I have for this year and the projects I am working on the journey continues my friends.

Have a loverly evening!

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