Occoquan Engagement Session – Tim & Sarah

Together since 9th grade, Tim & Sarah were married this past weekend!! I am currently editing their wedding photos and once they are delivered I will be posting their WESTWOOD FARM wedding here. In the meantime check out their Occoquan engagement session, it is one of my favorite engagement sessions to date!

I had never set foot in downtown Occoquan but when I arrived early to scout out the location I got excited! The docks, the cute little shops, and the gorgeous evening light that rimmed everything had me ready to shoot!! Tim & Sarah arrived and I had a fabulous time walking around the town with them and photographing them just a few short months before their wedding!

2015-09-07_0015 2015-09-07_0003 2015-09-07_0004 2015-09-07_0001 2015-09-07_0005 2015-09-07_0006 2015-09-07_0008 2015-09-07_0009 2015-09-07_0010 2015-09-07_0007 2015-09-07_0012 2015-09-07_0011 2015-09-07_0020 2015-09-07_0014 2015-09-07_0017 2015-09-07_0016 2015-09-07_0019 2015-09-07_0018

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