Hello There!

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted anything here. As fall approached my schedule got busier!! This however is nothing new in the photography industry, with family pictures,senior portraits, and weddings this fall has been – loverly! I am excited about the shoots I have done recently and I am spending my time finishing up these sessions and knocking out the last few sessions of this year! Thank you to everyone who has booked me this fall , you have been fabulous! And so, let’s get to it, the list:

  • For Fall – ’tis my favorite season!
  • For Pecan pie and pumpkin spice lattes!
  • For friends, for sisters in Christ who stand by your side and next to you on the side of the road when you car decides to catch on fire (yeah craziness!)
  • Thankful for strangers who stop to help someone in need
  • For Joy in the midst of grief, and unfortunate circumstances
  • For God’s word that speaks to our hearts!
  • For my clients this season, you have been so encouraging, and inspiring =)
  • For this crazy Virginia weather – I am thankful for the chilly days but have loved the sunshine and warmth of today – it was just what I needed!
  • For Peppermint tea and sharing stories
  • For Harvest parties and hay rides
  • For supportive photography friends and community
  • For laughter – sweet medicine
  • For Hope – I have all the hope in the world with Jesus Christ and that is a solid place to stand
  • For church family and the knitting together of hearts
  • For newlyweds – I have had Wedding clients lately and quite a few of my friends get married recently and I am so happy for them!!
  • There is sooo much more but that is all for now.

What are you thankful for today?

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